Southeast Ministry

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Mission of organization

“Southeast Ministry is a grass roots social justice ministry of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation that listens to the needs of the community and develops culturally sensitive education programs that address the root causes of social problems such as poverty, illiteracy and violence.”

Promotional Video and Press

Southeast Ministry has received positive coverage recently in the Washington Post.    And check out this video about Southeast Ministry.  

Programs and Activities

SEM is committed to working collaboratively to reduce poverty and illiteracy in our city. Its role in the workforce development landscape is that of a “pipeline” program.  

SEM provides job readiness, job placement assistance, job retention, ABE/GED preparation, barrier assessment / barrier reduction, and budgeting and savings services. Specifically, learners receive instruction in basic education like verbal and numerical literacy, skills with computer applications and the internet, interviewing knowhow, job search strategies, long-term mentoring – even access to appropriate grooming and clothing.

Population Served

SEM’s target population are mostly low-income African American adults and older disconnected youth, often described as “hard to serve.”  They come to SEM when they don’t meet the entrance criteria of other providers, on account of low educational scores.